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My Favorite Five (2015)


70,460 views My Favorite Five is a romantic comedy with hilarious twists and turns. Hailey is a self-proclaimed serial dater who has no interest in marriage, kids or a picket fence. Hailey does however enjoy the company of men, five to be exact. She believes no one man can posses all five of her most coveted qualities. She works as a recovery specialist for a glorified corporate collection agency that specializes in the "million dollar debtor". Hailey's methods are scandalous, but gets the job done. Soon Hailey meets Christopher, her next mark, who has sworn off women and has no interest in her. As the five falls from the flock one by one, Hailey has to cross lines to get the one man who has it all.

Babysitter's Black Book (2015)


152,880 views Friends start a babysitting business to save up for college, but when the babysitting money just isn't cutting it, they start a prostitution business as well.

Cart (2014)


17,960 views The employees of a big box discount retailer band together when the contract workers are summarily laid off.

The Warp (2013)


38,260 views An ambitious ghost hunter is hired by a wealthy building owner to investigate a haunted factory, and she contracts a crew of inexperienced workers to research. The crew becomes possessed by the paranormal presence in the building and the ghost hunters have to escape the factory.

Eternal Damn Nation (2013)

65,590 views At the turn of the 21st Century, the ultimate battle between good and evil begins as a mysterious stranger seeks to protect a small town girl from Satan's infernal minions.

Styria (2014)

64,970 views Lara (Eleanor Tomlinson) and her estranged father, Dr. Hill (Stephen Rea), travel behind the iron curtain to a decrepit castle outside the Hungarian town of Styria. In the nearby woods, Lara witnesses a violent car crash. Carmilla, (Julia Pietrucha), the lone survivor, crawls from the wreckage. When Lara hides this beautiful and mysterious stranger in the castle, the two start an intense and chaotic friendship. As their relationship deepens, crops whither, farm animals die, and the young women of Styria begin to go mad. When local girls are found dead from apparent suicides, Lara wonders if Carmilla is to blame or is there a darker secret behind the mass hysteria destroying the town.

Wild Tales (2014)

202,860 views Director: Damian Szifron
Cast: Dario Grandinetti, Maria Marull, Monica Villa

Blackwood (2014)


64,770 views Director: Adam Wimpenny
Cast: Ed Stoppard, Sophia Myles, Russell Tovey

Territory 8 (2014)

92,030 views Shortly after a chemical weapon explosion in the Nevada desert, two scientists find themselves confronting a sinister cover up, and a band of hostile survivors who are looking to escape the quarantined area known as Territory 8.

The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown (2015)


316,940 views The WWE comes to town in the new animated film teaming the Flintstones with Bedrock-ready versions of John Cena, Daniel Bryan and more.

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